Little Lost Cat

This week, I once again feel saddened by the events of the world. Over the last few years there have been countless atrocities to be upset by, bewilderment over countries seemingly imploding, numerous natural disaster’s to be moved by, and thousands of heartbreaking stories to shed tears over.

I don’t know why this is, why there is so much fear, pain and heartbreak and why the world sometimes feels like it is spinning out of control. What I do know is, that we all individuals all have the capacity for more love within, even when we feel stretched to our limits.

Recently I was reminded of this, when a little lost cat came to visit. I had returned from a long day out and as I walked into my apartment complex, I noticed a small cat run behind my rubbish bin. I live on a busy road full of apartments and don’t often see animals outside.

The cat was crying, so I went over to her and timidly she approached. I patted her and picked her up, there was no sign of a collar or any identifying number. If I let her go there was a high chance of her being hit by traffic. I knocked on a few neighbours doors but no one had seen her before, so I placed her in my garage – much to the annoyance and delight of my pet Jack Russell.

To be honest, my initial thought was one of inconvenience, I was tired after a long day – what was I going to do with this little thing? I could no longer take my car out of the garage, to get groceries and being a Sunday evening all the vets were closed… I would have to keep her for the night.

My son was excited to have a cat to pat and kept asking if we could keep her. I explained many times, that a well cared for and friendly kitty such as this, must belong to someone and we would have to return her the next morning.

However over the course of the next few hours it wasn’t my son that was sneaking into the garage to pat and cuddle this adorable little pet. I just couldn’t help myself, she was so loving, with a beautiful trusting nature and her long grey fur was soft, making her so snuggly.

I took photos of her and messaged them to my friends… one of them replied with ‘step away from the cat, you are becoming attached’ and of course she was right.

It really didn’t take long at all. I felt an overflow of love towards this little animal in such a short time, I wanted to keep her and take care of her, but I knew she didn’t belong to me. After losing a dog to theft a few years ago, I know of the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet.

The next morning I took her to the local vet and had them check for a microchip. A part of me was a little sad when they found one. The vet said they would take care of her and call her owner, I gave her one last pat and left.

Throughout the rest of the day, my mind kept wandering back to the beautiful, little cat. Over the last few weeks I’ve kept my eye out for her, just in case she returned.

This little lost cat has reminded me that we always have room for more love in our lives. Sometimes we feel that we are at capacity and can’t be stretched any further, we have busy lives, families to take care of, obligations to fulfill, yet sometimes in those small moments, we are taken off guard and reminded that we are made for love, joy and connection.

Our hearts always have the capacity to give and receive more love.. we just have to remember to keep them open to feel it. Shutting down after pain, putting walls up to never be hurt again, doesn’t serve us – it’s not why we are here.

The world is not going to heal over night, I don’t have the answers, but I do know that we can do our part to stay open, to not be immune to the pain and suffering of others, to let love in and give extra love to those all around us.

With love,
Rebecca xo