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I know relationships…. I’ve had long term & short term relationships, marriage, divorce, break-ups, dating experiences, and stretches of single. I have loved, lost, hurt, felt lonely, felt connected, felt afraid, broken, healed, had fun, been played and have hurt others…

I used to believe that I was unlucky in love. I wondered what was wrong with me… I attracted men easily, yet I chose partners that were not suitable (the bad boys) and I questioned why I preferred to be in unhealthy, toxic relationships, then to be on my own.

I didn’t have the insight that I have now, the awareness that comes from connecting my IQ + EQ + HQ (logical, emotional and heart intelligence). I didn’t know at the time, that every relationship was part of my journey and an opportunity to grow.

Through my hurtful experiences I found myself…. I learned that THE MOST valuable relationship, was the one with myself. I discovered how to take back my power, I found my self worth, self confidence and self belief, I learned how to find gratitude for ALL of my experiences, the good and not-so-good, and I learned how to listen to my heart and tune into how I feel.

I’m Rebecca Reed, a Certified Life Coach, Relationship Educator & Writer – I empower amazing women like you, to become the best version of yourself, to ignite the love and life you desire…

I share the wisdom of my personal learning experiences, studies and understandings through my blog, via social media and within my coaching programs. I mentor in all heart fundamentals – love, life, heartbreak, relationships and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

My Signature Programs ‘Let Him Go for Good’,  ‘Rock your Relationship Goals‘,  ‘Rock your Relationship School‘, and  High Vibe Life Transformation are an accumulation of my learnings, wisdom and experiences crafted into offerings for you!


Following many great teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers, I developed a craving for knowledge, self-awareness and a passion for personal development and spirituality. I’ve invested many thousands of dollars into trainings, workshops, events, courses, motivational talks and countless books.

Attending Spirit Junkie Master Class spiritual teacher training, in NYC with thought leader Gabrielle Bernstein, was the catalyst for my change in career direction. Only one short year later, I graduated as a certified Life Coach, with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and launched Heart Coach.

As an eternal seeker – I use consistent effort, guidance, soul searching, reflection and meditation, to continue to learn and grow.

Professional Bio

Founder of HeartCoach, Rebecca Reed is a Certified Life Coach & Relationship Educator.

Rebecca is passionate about empowering amazing women, to become who they most want to be, to create the love and life they really want.

Rebecca encourages women to drop the stories they’ve been telling themselves about why they can’t have what they want, and moves them into an empowered space to show up in ways that reflect their desires. She assists them to develop greater awareness and understanding about themselves and their relationships with others.

The wisdom of her personal learning experiences and studies, are shared through her blog, via social media and within her signature coaching programs – ‘Let Him Go for Good', ‘Rock your Relationship Goals' and ‘High Vibe Life Transformation' and her newest group program offering 'Rock your Relationship School'.

Rebecca mentors in all heart fundamentals - love, life, heartbreak, relationships and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.