The feeling of heartbreak can be debilitating. When in that place of emotional pain, we can experience deep feelings of sadness, loss, anxiety and loneliness. 

The inspiration to write this healing guide, emerged as I healed my own heart.  Feeling heartache in new dating experiences, triggered painful memories and caused past feelings to resurface – feelings of hurt, sadness, unworthiness, rejection and disappointment.

By implementing tools and techniques I had used in the past to heal, I recognised that I had the guidance to know how to return to my centre, my place of self love and happiness. My intention for writing this healing guide was to share these ideas and principles with those in a similar fate, restoring harmony and happiness to your life.

While feeling heart ache is not everyone’s ideal emotion, it gives us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, to grow and reflect as we heal.  Rather than bury the pain, retreat from the world, or jump straight into another relationship, why not take this time to focus on you.

There are many people in this world wounded, carrying baggage and limiting beliefs from past relationships. If we give ourselves the gift of time to heal, recover and discover ourselves, before dating a new partner, we are also allowing the opportunity to create happy and healthy, future relationships.

When stuck in grief or distractions are not working, it’s time to go deeper… this guide may be the tool you need to help you to shift and move on. You will find ideas to apply on your road to recovery, broken down into 21 actionable steps.

I am more than happy to guide you on this journey of heart healing and self discovery, however be mindful that you must be willing to heal and want to let go. The principles within this guide form the basis of self awareness and personal development – the inner work. When applied, as well as healing your heart, they can produce great shifts and improve the general quality of your life – creating a new vibrant, empowered version of you.