3 Month Signature Program

Do you feel unlucky in love? Unhappy and unsatisfied in your existing relationship?  or perhaps recovering from yet another break-up?

Are you over spending Saturday nights on your own, while your friends are all coupled up? Do you lack the confidence to put yourself out there again? Or perhaps you are over-worked and time poor, settling for less than average dating experiences…

I know that you are craving a healthy, meaningful relationship, wanting to feel secure, safe, happy and connected… but secretly question whether you are worthy of having it. I understand that you may subconsciously sabotage opportunities and relationships, yet not know why this is.

I can see that you might be feeling a little stuck, lost and unfulfilled, wondering if there is more to life than your current experiences…

Gaining clarity on your relationship and life goals is just what you need!

The only thing standing in the way from you having what you want, is you! It is up to you, to create the change that ignites the love and life you desire! Stop wondering if there is something wrong with you (there’s not) and instead, take action to feel inspired and motivated, no longer ‘waiting’ for change to just happen to you.

Great connection with others, begins with the relationship you have with yourself. When you feel happy and complete within yourself and fully accepting of who you are – you attract partners, opportunities and experiences that are right for you.

When you work with me to Rock Your Relationship Goals, you will move away from feeling insecure about relationships, or anxiety over ‘when’ it’s going to happen and let go of those ‘not enough’ feelings. You will start to understand your relationship patterns and triggers and why you behave the way you do. Not just in romantic relationships, but across your life – family, work, friendships and community.

This signature program ignites the love and life that you really desire!

Rock Your Relationship Goals is a three month, deep dive experience, designed to implement change, build connection, increase self belief, and let go of what is holding you back in love and life.

You will get in touch with your heart’s true desires and cultivate the focus and attention that will help bring your dreams to life. Love, life, work, passion, purpose – as a Certified Life Coach I will hold you accountable to the goals you most want to achieve, while mentoring in all the fundamentals of relationship.

When you align with the life that you really want to live, feel happy and alive within, you step into your full potential… and that is where the magic happens. Be guided, supported and empowered on your journey to becoming the best version of you, in this full immersion experience.


Over the course of your signature coaching program, you will:

  • ‘Draft your desires’  Together we brainstorm your desires, creating goals that inspire and motivate you towards your optimal life and relationships.
  • ‘Clarify your vision’  I’ll guide you to set intentions and visualise the relationship you REALLY want. You will gain clarity and motivation to identify your ideal relationship and work towards it.
  • ‘Let go of the stories’  Together we’ll discover an awareness of what has been holding you back… we uncover the blind spots and limiting beliefs that have stood in the way of you having what you desire.
  • ‘Date yourself!’  You will dive deep into your self-care, self-love, self-belief, and self-compassion. Self love is a vital component to attracting what you want – get ready to align and connect with your true self!
  • ‘Just show up’ I’ll assist you to become mindful of how you have been showing up in your relationships, why they haven’t worked out in the past and understanding your triggers and patterns.
  • ‘Inhabit high value’ I will help you to believe in your value, your standards and set boundaries. Let go of insecurities and create confidence to show up in the world as the high value woman you are at heart.
  • ‘Light up your life’   We will explore your passions and pursuits, connecting you to the core activities that light you up and energise your passionate, playful self!
  • ‘Optimise your environment’  We take an audit of your environment, explore options and strategise adjustments that can be implemented, to best position you to move toward your goals
  • ‘Master your mindset’  Mindset is integral to achieving your fullest potential! Let’s up level your thinking to create positivity and powerful awareness to step into the best version of you!
Complete your program feeling inspired to Rock your Relationship Goals and ignite the love and life you want!

Your program consists of:

~ 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions over the 3 month period

~ An initial 30 minute complimentary Love, Life, Audit, to discover where you are at, followed by a clarity questionnaire upon sign up.

~ sessions conducted fortnightly via Skype or Phone for approx 60 minutes each, with in between touch base message chats.

~ Homework, worksheets, and resources are offered to help you gain insight and build momentum between sessions

~ 3 months of email chat support included.

~ Access to the private ‘Heart Coach Collective’ Facebook community for additional support.

~ The program is structured to give you practical, action based tools, support and strategy to move forward in the direction of your goals.

BONUS: Emergency support – need help asap between calls? Email, message, or post in the members group!
BONUS: Free post program 75min accountability session included, when paying the 3 months upfront in full! (To be used within 12 months).

To find out how you can Rock your Relationship Goals to ignite the love and life you want ~ schedule a chat below.



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