Six x 1:1 Coaching Calls  (60 minute sessions)

Are you single & unlucky in love?  Unhappy in your existing relationship?  Or recovering from yet another break-up?

Do you feel you are missing that one piece of the puzzle? You have a succcessful career, great lifestyle, fabulous friends and general happiness… yet this one corner of your life just isn’t flowing the way it should.

Are you spending lonely Saturday nights on your own, while your friends are all coupled up?  Watching everyone else move forward with engagements, weddings, and babies? Still bruised from last time and lacking confidence to put yourself out there again? Ignored one too many red flags and over feeling let down and disappointed? Perhaps you are so busy with work, you haven’t had time for finding him…

Gaining clarity on your relationship goals is just for you!

When you work with me to Rock Your Relationship Goals, you will move away from feeling insecure about relationships, or anxiety over ‘when’ it’s going to happen and let go of those pesky ‘I’m not enough’ feelings. Stop wondering if something is wrong with you (there’s not) and instead imagine waking up inspired and motivated in this area of your life, feeling happy and fulfilled, no longer ‘waiting’ for change to happen.


Over the course of your one-on-one coaching program, you will:

  • ‘Clarify your vision’  I’ll help you set new intentions and visualise the relationship you REALLY want. You will gain clarity and motivation to identify your ideal relationship and work towards it…
  • ‘Let go of the stories’  Together we’ll discover an awareness of what has been holding you back… we uncover the blind spots and limiting beliefs that have stood in the way of you having it all.
  • ‘Date yourself!’  You will dive deep into self-love to fall in love with yourself first – gaining a new self belief and added confidence in the process!
  • ‘Just show up’ I’ll assist you to become mindful of how you have been showing up in your relationships, why they haven’t worked out in the past and understanding your relationship patterns.
  • ‘Drop the drama’   Here we take an audit of your environment, exploring options of what changes need to be made, to allow you to be in the best position to support your goals
  • ‘Master your mindset’  Let’s upgrade your thinking to create positivity, renewed energy and purpose, feeling empowered to put yourself out there to attract what you desire!
Finish your program feeling inspired with unwavering confidence, ready to Rock your Relationship Goals!

Your program consists of:
6x coaching calls over a 3 month period. An initial clarity questionnaire will be provided upon signing up, followed by a 30 minute complimentary consult, where we will have a chat to see where you are at. Sessions are conducted via Skype weekly, then fortnightly and for approximately 60 minutes each. Worksheets, ebooks and resources are provided to help you gain insight and build momentum between sessions. Unlimited email support is included during your 3 month period.

Investment   AU $750+GST  /  US $600*   (or three payments of  AU $250+GST  /  US $200*)  (approximate currency conversion)
BONUS: Free post program 75min accountability session when paying upfront in full! (to be used within 4 months of completing program).
BONUS: Receive a FREE High Vibe Life Transformation – 16 page eBook, upon completion of program!

Follow up accountability sessions are available, post program, details available upon request.

To find out how you can Rock your Relationships Goals to have all of your heart’s desires ~ email hello@heartcoach.me or book your complimentary chat below.