3 Month Group Program

Learn, unlearn, let go, and step in… with this powerful program! School is now in session!

My signature one-on-one Rock your Relationship Goals program, has been transformed into an educational experience with a combination of online training modules and live group coaching calls!

Welcome to  – Rock your Relationship School! Everything you need, to create the love and life that you really want.

Rock your Relationship School is a three month, deep dive experience, designed to implement change, build connection, increase self belief, confidence, and let go of what is holding you back in love and life.

The only thing standing in the way from you having what you want, is you! It is up to you, to create the change to transform your life.

When you work with me in this group program, you will move away from feeling insecure about relationships, or anxiety over ‘when’ it’s going to happen, you will kiss goodbye the need to ‘fill the void’ with a guy and let go of those ‘not enough’ feelings. You begin to feel whole within yourself.

You will create awareness around your relationship stories and patterns and why you behave the way you do. Not just in romantic relationships, but across your life – family, work, friendships and community.

Rewrite your Story with this program!

Great connection with others, begins with the relationship you have with yourself. When you feel happy and complete within yourself and fully accepting of who you are – you attract partners, opportunities and experiences that are right for you. You will notice situations around you begin to shift and change, as you do.

You will get in touch with your heart’s true desires and cultivate the focus and attention that will help bring your dreams to life. Love, life, work, passion, purpose – as a Certified Life Coach I will hold you accountable to the goals you most want to achieve, while mentoring in all the fundamentals of relationship.

This program is suitable for singles or those already in relationship. Be guided, supported and empowered on your journey to becoming the best version of you, in this full immersion experience.


During the three month program, you will:

  • Module 1 ~ Clarify your vision  Brainstorm your desires, to create a personal vision for your life, define goals that inspire and motivate you towards your optimal life and relationships.
  • Module 2 ~ Date yourself!  Dive deep into your self-care, self-love, self-belief, and self-compassion. Self love is a vital component to attracting what you want – get ready to align and connect with your true self!
  • Module 3 ~ Let go of the stories  Discover an awareness of what has been holding you back… while becoming mindful of how you have been showing up in your relationships, uncovering your limiting beliefs, and understanding your past patterns.
  • Module 4 ~ Optimise your environment Take an audit of your environment, explore options for change, to create space in your life, while identifying boundaries to show up in the world as the high value woman you are at heart.
  • Module 5 ~ Draft your desires  Gain insight to visualise your ideal relationship. I will help you to believe in your value and your standards, let go of your insecurities and create the confidence you need to attract what you want.
  • Module 6 ~ Magnetise your mindset  Mindset is integral to achieving your fullest potential! Let’s up level your thinking to create positivity and powerful awareness to step into the best version of you!
Complete your program feeling inspired and ready, to create the love and life you want!

Your 3 month program consists of:

~ 9 x 90 minute group coaching calls (& call replays) + final celebration wrap up call

~ Online private members centre, with training modules, homework exercise sheets, resources and bonuses.

~ Access to the private Facebook members group for support + 3 months of additional email chat support.

~ Plus an initial 30 minute complimentary Love, Life, Audit, to discover where you are at, followed by a clarity questionnaire upon sign up.

~ The program is structured to give you practical, action based tools, support and strategy to move forward in the direction of your goals.

BONUS: Emergency support – need help asap between calls? Email, message, or post in the members group!
BONUS: One-to-one private 1 hour session included, to be used within the 3 months.

Round 3, Kicking off September 2019

To find out how you can Rock your Relationship Goals to create the love and life you want, hop on the waiting list, book a complimentary call, or sign up today!!

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What are graduates saying about this program…

“I feel so elated that I signed up for ‘Rock your Relationship School’ with Bec – I have gained SO much from it! The program didn’t just meet my expectations, it totally exceeded them. The material in each module and the incredible coaching on each call prompted some amazing internal work and helped me realise many things I didn’t even know about myself. The life-changing content is invaluable! I am feeling more confident and much happier internally – I’ve felt a shift in energy and subconscious thought patterns and I also know I have support if I need it and I am not alone. I am hopeful for the future now. Thank you Bec.” Sharelle  –  Brisbane

“Rock your Relationship School, was beyond what I had expected, it was incredibly organised and well delivered, a compassionate and self loving program. When I signed up for the program, I was wanting to focus more on self love, to feel grounded and complete in my own value. I had struggled with boundaries with others, and feelings that I just couldn’t get over past relationships. After our first group coaching session, I was feeling motivated and committed to continue. I felt the program to be so worthwhile, exciting and transforming. I left behind feelings of neediness, and the desire to fill the void in my life with a man, which is incredibly refreshing. I feel like people respect me more, I am more forthright, I am not afraid, and I am ok in my own skin and being on my own. I have an attitude of a loving sexy and whole woman, who is passionate and excited about her life, and surrounds herself with awesome people. I am also taking with me, a group of women whom I met online, but I know will be friends forever, and have a special bond. Bec, you are awesome and what you have created is magnificent.” Rachel –  Brisbane

“When I signed up for Rock your Relationship School, I was struggling with trying to control romance and dating. I realized through the program that until I was happy and complete within myself, I would not be ready to date or have a partner. I recognised that I needed a coach to hold me accountable and I found that Bec has a bright, calm, welcoming energy that is loving and supportive. I intuitively felt that she wanted to guide me toward the changes I wanted to create. Through this program, I learned how to tune into my feelings, reset myself when I am triggered, and have a clear understanding of my current life goals. I know that I am more relaxed, easy-going and accepting and have learned that the most important thing for me is to communicate with love. My energy is light and positive and the people around me are attracted to it. I am happy and feel aligned and peaceful and I feel really good about the progress I made. The insights I gained have allowed me to quickly make big shifts in my life and are priceless, I am so excited about my future!” Kristin –  Los Angeles

“Thank you for taking the time and the effort to take me on this journey. I have a lot to be grateful for and it is all because of you! I can’t believe the changes in my life and how happy I am. I have attracted new friends and a budding new relationship, all because you have helped me to be the best version of myself. I will take these skills and keep building towards my ultimate life. People often talk about it, but how many of us actually achieve this? I think I’m going to be one of the lucky ones. My friends have all commented about how happy I am and have asked what my secret is. The secret is Bec, my life & love monk! Thank you Bec!” Danielle  –  Gold Coast