A selection of kind words from HeartCoach’s inspiring clients…

“Rock your Relationship School was way beyond my expectations, truly inspiring, it was the best investment I have made in my life. Before the program I was always at the mercy of the outside world, I was highly reactive and blamed my rude coworker, or an inconsistent man. Participating in the program, I learned about self awareness, I learned to question and detach my soul from the situation. I learned to sit with myself and feel the feelings, anger, pain and hurt, and then grow from there. I learned to see all the things I have achieved, instead of underestimating myself. Rebecca helped to build my self-confidence and work with my self doubts. I am so grateful for all the support and guidance she has given me. My favourite part of the program was having one on one calls with Rebecca. It was absolutely amazing to work with someone so authentic.” Mehnaz  –  Toronto

“I feel so elated that I signed up for ‘Rock your Relationship School’ with Bec – I have gained SO much from it! The program didn’t just meet my expectations, it totally exceeded them. The material in each module and the incredible coaching on each call prompted some amazing internal work and helped me realise many things I didn’t even know about myself. The life-changing content is invaluable! I am feeling more confident and much happier internally – I’ve felt a shift in energy and subconscious thought patterns and I also know I have support if I need it and I am not alone. I am hopeful for the future now. Thank you Bec.” Sharelle  –  Brisbane

“Thank you for taking the time and the effort to take me on this journey. I have a lot to be grateful for and it is all because of you! I can’t believe the changes in my life and how happy I am. I have attracted new friends and a budding new relationship, all because you have helped me to be the best version of myself. I will take these skills and keep building towards my ultimate life. People often talk about it, but how many of us actually achieve this? I think I’m going to be one of the lucky ones. My friends have all commented about how happy I am and have asked what my secret is. The secret is Bec, my life & love monk! Thank you Bec!” Danielle  –  Gold Coast

“When I signed up for Rock your Relationship School, I was struggling with trying to control romance and dating. I realized through the program that until I was happy and complete within myself, I would not be ready to date or have a partner. I recognised that I needed a coach to hold me accountable and I found that Bec has a bright, calm, welcoming energy that is loving and supportive. I intuitively felt that she wanted to guide me toward the changes I wanted to create. Through this program, I learned how to tune into my feelings, reset myself when I am triggered, and have a clear understanding of my current life goals. I know that I am more relaxed, easy-going and accepting and have learned that the most important thing for me is to communicate with love. My energy is light and positive and the people around me are attracted to it. I am happy and feel aligned and peaceful and I feel really good about the progress I made. I am inspired by what I learned in the program, understanding that happiness/love is a simply a choice I make each day. The insights I gained have allowed me to quickly make big shifts in my life and are priceless, I am so excited about my future!” Kristin –  Los Angeles

“Rock your Relationship School, was beyond what I had expected, it was incredibly organised and well delivered, a compassionate and self loving program. When I signed up for the program, I was wanting to focus more on self love, to feel grounded and complete in my own value. I had struggled with boundaries with others, and feelings that I just couldn’t get over past relationships. After our first group coaching session, I was feeling motivated and committed to continue. I felt the program to be so worthwhile, exciting and transforming. I left behind feelings of neediness, and the desire to fill the void in my life with a man, which is incredibly refreshing. I feel like people respect me more, I am more forthright, I am not afraid, and I am ok in my own skin and being on my own. I have an attitude of a loving sexy and whole woman, who is passionate and excited about her life, and surrounds herself with awesome people. I am also taking with me, a group of women whom I met online, but I know will be friends forever, and have a special bond. Bec, you are awesome and what you have created is magnificent.” Rachel –  Brisbane

“It’s amazing how much I got a sense of order and peace to my jumbled mind, obtained focus and clarity through this program. When I first signed up to Rock your Relationship School my self esteem was low and I was struggling to find happiness, drinking too much and using comfort food, which only made me feel worse about my body. I was in a toxic relationship – an 8 year affair. The program allowed me to feel lighter and happier after a few weeks, more hopeful and my mood improved. I found the strength to put boundaries in place with family and toxic relationships and not to be treated less than I deserved. I learned many tools and ways of thinking to change my mindset and moved into a higher vibration in such a short time. The group calls really added to lots of ‘aha’ moments, where I could totally relate to the person speaking and could gain further insight from listening to them being coached as well. People have commented about how much lighter and happier I am, and are pleased I have left my toxic relationships behind. I feel more hope and peace and gratitude, rather than focusing on what I lack. Bec, I feel like you are the wisest person that I know! thank you for your kindness, support and wisdom” Shari  –  Brisbane

“It was so wonderful and lovely to have your guidance – I love our sessions more and more as time goes by. I knew that guidance and direction would be extremely helpful for me when I embarked on this program. Having someone there to help me focus on what I needed to work on, hold me accountable in a heart centred way. By the end of the first session I had clarity around my goals, knowing what I truly wanted and making a deep and honest connection with them. Thank you for being this beautiful intelligent and soulful angel and guide in my life – I feel very blessed to have you on my journey. Love you Bec!.” Sam  –  Sydney

“When I first started working with Bec, I was not coping with life and wishing I could disappear or escape… I was not sure that this program would help me, but I was lucky that I was coached by someone who truly cared for me. My overall experience was surprising, revealing and life changing. Through engaging with Bec’s program, my friends and family have seen shifts in how I cope, how I perceive what is important and what truly matters, and now I realise all things happen as they should and in the way and time that they do. I accept myself for who I am, the body that I have, and not always being ‘in control ’. This has led me to feel freed from the walls that my mind set for me. People have said that I seem more at peace and am happier. My life has changed, because I found the courage to say ‘yes’ to this program.” Liz  –  Brisbane

“I made some big life decisions during the Rock Your Relationship Goals program and it has fundamentally changed my whole life. I can’t believe the changes I feel in myself, let alone the changes others have noted. I now have a sense of wellbeing that I didn’t feel before. When I first started the program, I was feeling like a duck paddling quickly in water, and not getting anywhere. I had many romantic failures, attracting the wrong men, and not setting boundaries. Bec’s guidance gave me the courage to make vital changes in my lifestyle choice and patterns, I have set boundaries and I am now confident to say no and walk away from relationships and situations that do not serve my best interests. Coaching, I believe, is not about being given all the answers… It is about guiding me down the path of self-discovery in a non-threatening and comfortable way. The program helped me to actually see a path to success and a way to get what I want. I can now focus my energy on the things that matter, I can’t express how much this program has changed every part of my life.” Elle  –  Brisbane

“It was such a blessing to work with Bec in her ‘Let Him Go for Good’ coaching session. Bec is so insightful and understands the ties that unhealthy relationships can have on a person. She is a wonderful listener and provided me with a wonderful foundation and guidance that assisted in allowing me to move forward from an unhealthy relationship, that I could not seem to let go of. Thank you, Bec!.” Tracy  –  USA

“When I first approached Rebecca, I was struggling with the thought of mustering the energy to date. I wanted to be open to meeting someone to share my life, yet I was avoiding putting myself out there. I was nervous at first, that Bec would suggest activities that were outside of my comfort zone. However, I found the coaching series to be really rewarding, empowering and successful.  I realised gradually that the key goal of coaching with Bec, was to learn more about myself and focus on my own sh*t in order to attract more abundance in my life. The biggest realisation came, when I found that if I wanted anything to change, then I am the one in charge of changing it. It wasn’t up to anyone else but me. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bec and love her attitude towards coaching, she made me feel at ease instantly and encouraged me without pushing me.” Emma  –  Sydney

“Before I started my coaching series with Rebecca I was feeling flat, unmotivated and just not very happy with myself and my life. Bec’s wonderful coaching has guided me to feel alive, motivated and living a more balanced and passionate life. It feels AMAZING to have discovered my most joyful and confident self. The goals I set at the start of our series, seemed at first very overwhelming and so out of reach.  As we moved forward each week, I could see so much improvement with how I was feeling and living my life. I am so grateful to have completed a coaching series with Bec and I am excited to keep using the tools she has so beautifully shared with me. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to live life more fulfilled, to sign up for Rebecca’s coaching. I feel like now, I will live the life I want, to it’s fullest. Thank you So Much Rebecca.” Jodi  – Sunshine Coast

“When I first started working with Bec, I was feeling alone and isolated after moving to a rural location from the city. Recovering from Chronic Fatigue, I wanted desperately to feel vibrant and energized, not only physically but also in mindset.  Through our sessions together Bec’s open hearted nature, encouraged me to start healthy living routines and to surround myself with supportive people.  This led me to travel to Australia three times for business and pleasure, I met many new people socially, who all were interested and excited about the launch of my new brand and my book.  Bec, was pivotal in my deadline for releasing my book and the enthusiasm and support she showed me for reaching each and every action, made me feel on top of the world and back on top of my game!  Months later I am still gaining headway both in my health and career by continuing to implement all of the strategies and hot tips Bec shared with me, her expertise as a heart coach is invaluable.” Eva – New Zealand

“I was going through a bitter separation and employment struggles when I first met Rebecca. I felt like I needed a helping hand to guide me through and assist with my lack in confidence. I had never worked with a coach before and didn’t know what to expect, however I found Rebecca to be positive, engaging, natural and patient – everything I needed, to get started on my forward path again. After our first session, I felt like I could do this and that I had someone holding my hand and guiding me along the way. I’ve learned to let go of stressors, and no longer allow myself to be dragged into them. I can now look ahead and see likely positive outcomes and learning opportunities. My career has also taken a positive leap forward and I’ve found that I am more honest and open in my personal relationships. My overall experience was excellent, I feel Bec came along at the right time and gave me not only guidance but also new perspective.” Anthony – Gold Coast