30 Day Self Guided Program

Have you been feeling a little flat, overwhelmed or stuck in a slump?  Don’t have time to invest in a dedicated coaching program… yet feel like you need to do ‘something’ to move out of your current state?

Do you wish that you felt happier and more content in life, rather than complaining about everything that is going wrong?  Does your life feel like an endless list of to-do’s with no real satisfaction?

Want to make change but don’t know where to start?

This program has been created for you!

Sometimes we can become stuck in a rut and life feels like groundhog day – the same day over and over. We know that we are in a less-than positive space, yet we don’t know what to do, to move out of it. We don’t want to be cranky or unhappy, but it’s become habit.

There is no magic pill to suddenly feel happy… but there are easy tools that you can implement to help you to move into a better place and increase happiness. When we shift from feeling flat and stuck, to feeling great and happy, we emit a feeling of lightness, we shine bright and in this higher state we attract all the good stuff – love, friends, opportunities and abundance.

I believe that you are a beautiful person with everything going for you, who just needs a little push in the right direction and some motivation to get there…. and that is where I come in.

It can be normal to have fears and doubts about working with a life coach, which is why this program is an easy transition to improving your situation, without the one-on-one, face to face sessions. High Vibe Life consists of many of my favourite coaching tools, in an easy do-it-yourself formula, which I am so excited to share with you!


During your 30 day program you will:

  • ‘Shift into a high vibe’  I will guide you through a series of actions that build on one another, to move into an vibrant, happy place!
  • ‘Discover the key tools’ used for transformation – when added into your routine, can invite friendships, opportunity, abundance and love!
  • ‘Optimise your environment’  Create a better relationship with yourself and others – learn to love your life again!
  • ‘Master your mindset’  Upgrade your thinking to initiate positive change and welcome a more proactive space!
Complete your program feeling renewed and inspired to move into a more empowered space!

Your 30 day program consists of:

Daily content delivered straight to your inbox. This self guided program consists of daily lessons, containing quick and easy steps to incorporate into your day. When signing up for High Vibe Life, you will receive a welcome email, followed by your first day’s teaching and easy actions. Subsequent emails arrive 24 hours apart. Beautifully designed inspiration quotes included daily, yours to keep or share!
BONUS: Receive a FREE High Vibe Life Transformation – 16 page wrap up eBook, upon completion of your 30 day program!
BONUS: Recorded mindfulness meditation

Investment   AUD $79 /  US $49* (approximate currency conversion)

If you would like to invest in coaching sessions after your program is complete, as a participant of High Vibe Life Transformation you are eligible for a 10% discount!

To commence the program  to create a new mindset and a new, higher vibing you, click below.