I’m Rebecca – your Heart Coach. I empower amazing women like you, to create the love and life, you deserve and desire…

I am THE coach that many smart and successful women, don’t realise they need in their life!

I see you. You have it all together… you are intelligent, savvy and rocking it at work. You look after yourself, have fabulous friends and a great lifestyle. Yet this one corner of your life isn’t flowing as it should, and you don’t understand why.

Maybe you feel that you are unlucky in love, or perhaps you are still hung up on an ex. You could find yourself attracting the same situations repeatedly, or possibly just not feeling so confident in the relationships department.

And this is where I come in…. I help you to drop the stories you’ve been telling yourself about why you can’t have what you want. I move you into an empowered space to show up in ways that reflect your desires. I assist you to combine what you think, feel and know (your IQ + EQ + HQ) to develop greater awareness of yourself and your relationships with others.

My signature programs – Let Him Go for Good‘,  ‘Rock your Relationship Goals‘,  ‘Embody your Most Magnetic Self and  ‘High Vibe Life Transformation are designed to revolutionise your current existence and reconnect you with you, to create the love and life, you deserve and desire.

I am your secret resource… and I’d love to chat to you!

Rebecca xo