1:1 Coaching Call  (90 minute)

Are you stuck on your ex?  Are you having trouble moving on with your life?  Is he still in your head or heart?  Do you feel like he’s the one that got away… you’ll never meet anyone like him again?

Maybe it has been months, yet you are still feeling heartbroken.  Perhaps you are in a relationship (or situationship) that you know deep down, isn’t right for you.  Or possibly, you are considering taking him back, because it seems better than being on your own…

This session is for you!

When you stay stuck on an ex or find yourself in a casual situation that isn’t working for you, you aren’t fully open to meeting anyone new. It is not until you can really let go and say good-bye, that you will be available for attracting new love.

I know that you are an intelligent, successful woman with everything going for you… questioning why you still feel attached! I understand that you want to gain confidence and motivation to finally let go and trust in your decisions, and this is where I can help you.


During your one-on-one coaching intensive you will:

  • ‘Discover your attachment’  I will help you identify why you’re hung up on your ex, so you can stop ‘future tripping’ and romanticising the past and get on with letting him go!
  • ‘Drop your out dated beliefs’  Together we’ll bust through your scarcity mindset (the right partner is out there for you!), and release your fear of the unknown so you can 100% own where you are.
  • ‘Take back your power’  I’ll walk you through a ‘Self-Audit’ where you’ll dive deep into your self-care, self-love, self-belief, self-esteem and self-compassion. Be prepared to shift the focus solely back on you – you’ll love it!
  • ‘Create a clear vision’  Here we’ll get visual! I’ll help you set new intentions and visualise the relationship you REALLY want. Get ready to feel deeply motivated and excited about what’s ahead for you!
Leave your session renewed, reenergised and inspired to ‘Let Him Go for Good!

Your coaching intensive consists of:
1 x 90 minute coaching session. When booking in for your intensive, you will receive a short questionnaire to complete prior to your call. The session is conducted via Skype. After your call you will receive a follow up support email with the ideas, suggestions and any resources, from your session.

If you would like to invest in further sessions after your call, we can arrange that also.

To book your session  and move into a place of feeling good and excited to have the happy life you deserve ~ book below.