Two Worlds Colliding

I am a life coach and I am a graphic designer, and I work in both businesses simultaneously. Does life get busy… yes! Lucky for me I love being productive. Considering design and coaching seem to be two very distinct businesses, I had reached the conclusion that it was best to keep them separate.

However thanks to a recent revelation (a clever friend bringing it to my attention!) I have now noticed that they are indeed similarities between the two occupations.

As a graphic designer, when approached by new clients, I ask that they fill in a comprehensive creative brief form before we commence working on a project. When I receive the brief I can see what the client’s needs are for the project, I then research, sketch and design a solution that best suits those needs. I take feedback from the client, refine the concept and keep referring back to the brief, to make sure that I am on target and deliver the best design possible. Viola, happy client!

As a life coach, when I make first contact with a prospective client, I offer them an exploration questionnaire to fill in before we begin working together. This thorough questionnaire, allows me to see where the client is at and what struggles they are currently facing, what could use tweaking and where they would like to be. I take their answers, do my research, take notes and tailor my sessions, to best suit the needs of that client. As we progress through the programs, I refer back to the initial questionnaire often, to ensure that we are on track and the client is making progress, and at the end of our program, you guessed it – happy client!

The difference being, when I have my design hat on, I am doing the legwork, I am head down, creating, meeting deadlines, completing projects… working it. When I’m in the role of your life coach and mentor – you are doing the work, I am holding you accountable, offering insight and inspiration to prompt you to go deep, to guide you to do the work, and in doing so, you create the life that you most want.

Designing requires constant creativity… creating concepts needs ultra focus, silencing mind chatter and channeling creativity. Yet I have found when working during a coaching session, I am also super focused, present and aware – you become the centre of my attention.

As a coaching business is multi-streamed, I may not be working with clients every day, yet I am constantly in that creative process…. creating content, writing programs, ebooks, blogs and social media posts and not to mention using my design know how, to create gorgeous graphics for my coaching needs!

Some days the two world’s do literally collide. I might have a coaching session in the morning, a brochure design in the afternoon and another coaching client in the evening. Managing two businesses, on top of parenting, is a lot of work, lucky I love it! – thankfully there are planners, calendar schedulers and automated systems that keep things running behind the scenes.

While I had thought it was best to keep these two worlds apart, I can see that my 20+years as a graphic designer, combined with 7+ years as a business owner, has thoroughly prepared me for this other world. As a designer I am professional, honest and friendly, great at liaising with clients, knowledgeable and experienced, I can meet a brief spot on by listening to a client’s needs and wants, I’m highly creative, passionate and attuned, I have an eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and I always deliver the best results possible… yet doesn’t that also sound like a great coach, you would like to work with!

Sometimes colliding worlds can be, the best place to be.

With Love,
Rebecca xo

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