Introducing my Signature Programs!

Introducing my new programs!

I’ve been talking about launching my new signature programs for weeks and it’s finally happening!!

Earlier this year I took a 3 month break from coaching clients. Not the best move for a new business, however after my 30 day program completed in January, followed by a massive month of work in February, I had reached exhaustion and burn out. Family issues took center stage and I just felt I wasn’t in the right space to be coaching others. Bring on 7 weeks of watching 7 years of Gilmore Girls…. a whole lot of downtime, and a break from the constant hustle, nonstop learning and space of productivity that I usually occupy… which is exactly what I needed.

During this time I did however work with my own life coach and had such a great experience. My initial thought process for taking on my own coach, I will admit, was mostly to tick the last box on the process of gaining my International Coaching Certification. However after our first session, I realised it was going to be, so much more than that. I saw the benefits first hand of working with a life coach, but this time being on the receiving end. Having someone in my corner, encouraging me to grow, expand and gain clarity. Someone who was by my side while I explored my vision, my why – why do I want to do this, what am I here to bring, who am I here to help and in what ways can I best do this.

The thing I love most about life coaching is the encouraging, accountability. A coach holds you accountable along the way, motivates, mentors and inspires you while you achieve your goals and dreams – all the while becoming your biggest cheerleader.

It was a period of reflection. Pages and pages and thousands of words were written and rewritten, while I came to understand my vision for Heart Coach (and my life). I explored options, I created an outline for a book, I identified the type of client I really want to work with, what their pain points were, the problems I can help them solve, and what I can offer them.

Throughout this process and during my morning meditation, inspiration came through several times, regarding my direction. The words Heart Intelligence (HQ) kept coming up, and the thought of combining that with logical intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ). My formula IQ + EQ + HQ was born. Connecting what we think, feel and know. Not listening just to our head, but also to our emotions, our heart and our inner knowing, to develop greater awareness and understanding of ourselves and others.

This formula forms the scaffolding of the new signature programs I’ve created. My programs are designed to help you really connect with you, to attract the life and relationships that you want.

We all have that inner knowing, that voice that speaks to us, we just sometimes don’t listen. We will often ask opinions of everyone else, about decisions we are making in our life, rather than trust in our own. We give our power away to others, we lack clarity and confidence to believe in ourselves.

Through my own experiences of relationships, of love, loss, breakups, divorce, dating adventures and single life, I have come to know and understand relationships, particularly the one we have with ourself.

I love sharing this wisdom and awareness regarding relationships and connection with others, through social media, my writing, mentoring and coaching. I mentor in all the heart fundamentals – love, life, heartbreak and relationships.

When I took the time to really think about what I wanted to create, how I could best serve my audience, a few ideas came to mind and I’ve crafted those into offerings for you.

They’ve been ready to go for weeks, yet I’ve felt with a full schedule of design work, I haven’t had the FREE time to launch my programs!! The epiphany struck me the other day that nothing changes if nothing changes and that I needed to make the time… and when it is something that we love and have passion for, time expands when we need it to.

Allow me to introduce my signature programs!!

Following the success of the “Let Him Go for Good’ one off mini-sessions late last year, I expanded this into a 90 minute coaching intensive – for my first offering. The Let Him Go for Good coaching intensive, is just for you if you are having trouble moving on from a relationship, if you are attached to the idea of him, find yourself in a ‘situation-ship’ that isn’t working for you or even if you are considering taking him back, because it seems better than being alone.

When you stay stuck on an ex or find yourself in a casual situation that just isn’t working for you, you aren’t fully open to meeting anyone new. It is not until you can really let go and say good-bye, that you will be available for attracting new love.

To discover more about how this coaching intensive may help you click here.

Rock your Relationship Goals, previously a one off mini-session, it has now been crafted into a 4 session program one-on-one, over the course of 6 weeks.

This program is for you if…  You are single and unlucky in love, unhappy in an existing relationship, recovering from yet another relationship breakup. It is for you if… You are over spending Saturday nights at home on your own, tired of watching everyone else move forward with engagements and weddings or maybe you are just still bruised from the last time and lacking the confidence to put yourself out there again….

Rock your Relationship Goals will help you move away from feeling insecure in your relationships, or having anxiety about ‘when’ it is going to happen and will help you let go of those pesky ‘I’m not enough’ feelings… to step into your confidence, to feel inspired again.

To learn more about how you can gain clarity on your relationship goals visit click here.

Embody your Most Magnetic Self is a three month deep dive experience to attract the life and relationship that you really want.

This signature program consists of 6 one-on-one sessions over 3 months, and is designed to help you implement change, improve confidence, increase happiness and inspire you to bring your dreams to life.

Embody your Most Magnetic Self is for you if…  you are craving that connected relationship, but secretly question whether you are worthy of having it… if you subconsciously sabotage relationships or opportunities without knowing why.  It is for you, if you find yourself asking what others have that you don’t – why they easily attract relationships, yet you don’t seem to.

If you are feeling that more than one area in your life is out of sync, and long to move into a more empowered space, this program could be the answer.  When you embody and align with the life that you want to live, feel happy within yourself, you step into your full potential and that is where the magic happens!

To find out how you can attract the relationship and vibrant life you want click here.

High Vibe Life Transformation is a 30 day self guided program that incorporates quick and easy steps that you can take each day, to create a new mindset and new higher vibing you!

This transformation experience will leave you feeling renewed, re-energised and inspired. It is for you if you feel you don’t have the time to invest in a dedicated coaching program, yet you feel you need to ‘do something’ to shift the low vibe, funk that you’re in. High Vibe Life is launching soon!

A Group Coaching Program is also in the works, more details to be announced soon  🙂

I’m so excited to share these offerings with you! Finally!!  And even more excited about the awesome give-away to be announced in coming days!  Stay tuned for an update.

If you have any questions at all regarding my programs or scaffolding formula, or would like to book a session, please feel free to reach out and connect ~ email or DM on social media, I would be love to assist you!

With love