Lose your fears and attract what you desire

According to the law of attraction, like attracts like, we are constantly attracting to us whatever we are focusing on. In other words, what we are putting ‘out there’, energetically comes back to us.

For this reason it is important to try to keep our mindset positive. When we are in a fear based state, we attract more fear into our life, we are actually emitting signs to the universe to send us more of whatever it is we are fearing.

If we are worried over our situation with our finances, in our anxious state we are lowering our energy and attracting more money woes. If we are obsessing over fears in our relationship, perhaps lacking trust and fearing our partner betraying us, I guarantee we will then manifest that situation into being.

Our most common lack fears are based around the areas of love, money and wellness. I am sure we can all recognise that feeling of anxiety, when our throat tightens and we feel a lump sitting there, our chest constricts with a nervous tension and we may feel a sickness in our stomach. Our mind is so powerful, that we actually have physical reactions to our fear based thoughts.

It can be very easy to slip into fear or negative thoughts about a situation we are stressed over. We start by over-thinking and obsessing and very quickly our fears can spiral out of control and suddenly we feel ourselves falling into a pit of despair, finding it hard to come out.

As a form of self protection, we may also have subconscious fears about receiving the exact thing we desire most. For example we may be wanting to find that deep love and connection we crave, yet we may feel fear around actually finding it and then losing it. We can shy away from opportunities for happiness out of fear of feeling pain and rejection, instead of leaning into the love and joy.

Sometimes we stay in relationships that we know aren’t right for us, from fear of being alone, or fear of the unknown. We can be scared to take a risk on someone new. Or we can just have fears that we won’t find love, we’ve had our chance, we won’t find it again.

What we emanate, we attract. If we are vibrating at a low state, with a negative mindset, not loving life or ourselves, we can attract a romantic partner into our lives, who may also be in a similar state with their own insecurities and issues. Like attracts like. If we have super busy, chaotic lives and haven’t made space for new love, we can expect to attract someone equally as busy, who doesn’t have time for us either. By not valuing our own time, we have attracted someone that doesn’t value our time either.

So what can we do when we find ourselves in this fearful state?

We start by taking a few very deep breaths and becoming mindful. When we are worried or anxious we are stressing about future events, that may or may not actually happen. When we are fully in the present moment, we realise that we are safe. If it is a lack of money we are stressed over, remembering that we have everything we need right in this moment, can help our anxiety to soften.

We think about what we can control – our thoughts, our words, our actions. Taking note of our thoughts, when we find ourselves in a spin, stopping, taking a breath and consciously changing them. When we hear ourselves repeating our story over and over to different people, we can remember to change our words – what we are saying is constantly reinforcing that out into the universe.

We trust. We surrender and fully trust that what we need is on it’s way to us. When our fears subside, we are more open to receive the love, wealth, friendships that we desire, whatever it is we are wanting manifest. When we allow and become open to the realisation that there is no point worrying ourselves sick over situations, we surrender and life flows.

Be open to creative opportunities. Try to be ok with things being outside the box… we don’t have to receive in the exact way we are expecting. Be open to receiving abundance in unusual ways – admirers we didn’t know we had, unexpected gifts, winnings, new friendships. When we let go of the fear, we move into the flow of a higher vibration allowing us to be open to receive.

We use tools and techniques to assist. My go-to tools for subsiding fear and conquering anxiety are gratitude, affirmations and visualisation. It has been proven that gratitude is a powerful step in overcoming anxiety in the moment. Listing out loud or writing down as many things as possible that we can feel gratitude for right now and leaning into that appreciation of those, we can feel our anxiety lessen. Try it for three minutes.

Affirmations are short positive mantras repeated over and over, they work to reprogram our subconscious. When we catch ourselves in negative moments, repeating these mantras, allows us to feel more positive and moves us into attraction mode. Author Louise Hay is known as the Queen of Affirmations. Some of my favourite Louise Hay affirmations are “I am open and receptive to all the abundance of the universe”. “I attract people who want to be with me. The right person is on their way to me now”. “I love life and life loves me. All is well in my world”. Try popping one into the alarm on your phone as a reminder, to practice daily 🙂

Creating a vision for what we want to attract is a powerful way to shape our desires. One way of doing this is to focus on our vision during a visualisation meditation – I like to meditate a few minutes first to move into that relaxed state, then I consciously allow my vision to develop. There are also guided meditations available, that can help us do this. Another way is to create a vision board, with images of our heart’s desires. Placing it somewhere that we can see daily is a great way to attract those desires closer to us. I like to focus on one or two images on my board daily and imagine myself in that space – whether it be a travel destination, a romantic relationship, a new home or my dream career. Being able to picture ourselves in that place, creates opportunities for allowing that to be a possibility.

In order to magnetise what we want, the quickest way is to image that we already have it. Some say we attract what we are, therefore putting our selves into our most positive state, will help us manifest our desires. Giving our thoughts and attention to the things that we want, (rather than we don’t want) will help to invite those experiences into our lives.

Remember our thoughts shape our destiny, if we can imagine it, we can have it. When we put ourselves in the frequency of receiving, we open ourselves to it. We just need to believe, set the intention, stay positive and allow.

With love,
Rebecca xo