15 Steps from There to Here

When I look back at my life over the past four years, I see growth, I see experiences, I see patterns, I see ups and downs, but mostly I see transformation and a woman who grew into herself. From where I was, to where I am.

I almost feel, I started living a different life as I entered my 40’s. Not that I think my age had a lot to do with it – apart from a little added wisdom maybe 🙂 . I was actually terrified and depressed about turning 40 a few years ago and more significantly I was terrified of being single at 40!

During my mid-late 30’s I suffered from every fear imaginable. Fear of failure, fear of the future, fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of being alone, fear of dying and more. I catastrophised situations, continually felt anxiety weighing on my chest and I suffered from a sore throat constantly (hello throat – communication!!). I complained to anyone who listened about what my partner was or wasn’t doing, or how he was or wasn’t behaving. I lived with a victim mentality, walked around with a little dark cloud above my head everywhere that I went and I’m pretty sure I was damn near unapproachable.

Funnily, a good measure of my own progress, has been viewing the Facebook Memories app, daily for the past 12 months. I literally cringe at some of my comments from 5, 6, or 7 years ago. Posts complaining, being negative, bitching or just plain ungrateful. Every day I’m thankful that these posts are NOT displayed as a highlight reel for all to re-live. 😉

I often didn’t understand happiness, and wondered if people were just pretending to be happy, what did it really feel like anyway… I couldn’t remember. I never imagined that it would be possible to feel light, happy and free, on my own. It was incomprehensible that I could live a different life and become a new person.

So how did I start to introduce change and transformation all those years ago?

After hitting rock bottom, I reached the conclusion that something needed to change, I didn’t like who I was or the life I was living. Most importantly, I realised that I was the one fully responsible for changing myself.

Over the next 12 months, I…

1. Worked with a therapist, yet was stubborn and didn’t apply her words and suggestions, until later.

2. Left my unhealthy relationship and recognised that even though I missed that person, it wasn’t a reason to return.

3. Started collecting words, quotes and affirmations I liked on Pinterest, and put them up around my house.

4. Listened to hours of motivational and inspirational talks from new teachers.

5. Began reading self help books and implemented the suggested tools and techniques.

6. Commenced a gratitude practice, which I continue to this day.

7. Implemented guided meditations to heal, focus, create vision and used breathing techniques for anxiety.

8. Started journalling to release frustrations and reflect on situations.

9. Became aware of my thought processes and chose to replace negative thought patterns.

10. Recognised that not all days were going to be good days, and to be ok with that.

11. Became grateful for my negative experiences and saw them as learning opportunities.

12. Practised friendliness to people I met in my everyday life and engaged in random conversations.

13. Came to believe in myself, my abilities, in my work and watched my confidence develop.

14. Opened up to synchronicity, magic and miracles, acknowledging they are just a change in perspective.

15. Began to understand that there were lessons to learn from everything and everyone we meet

These steps were just the start of my fascination with personal development, self growth and healing. Witnessing my own transformation was the catalyst for wanting to encourage others to do the same. I have a genuine excitement about the possibilities available to anyone, who chooses to take the time to open up to their inner world.

Life does have ebb and flow. I’m not vibrant, positive and happy every single day, but I still choose to focus on the good and the lessons to learn. Experiences rock me, new hurt overwhelms me, I have moments of negativity where I find myself slipping back into fear and self judgement. However now that I have the tools to deal with these situations, I know how to heal from hurt, I know how to gain motivation and increase my self confidence, I know how to become aware of beliefs that don’t serve me and shift into a more positive mindset.

I am more than happy to share these tools with you, to assist in transforming your life. To move you out of a place of feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated. I can help you reconnect with yourself, find what’s missing in your life… increase your self belief and confidence, so that you can live a vibrant, happy, empowered life.

It’s normal to have fears about reaching out to work with a coach, but I want you to know, that I can help you let go of those fears and doubts and move you into a place of clarity. If you are ready to move forward, or even think that you might be, why not contact me for a complimentary session and lets get you on the road to feeling great 🙂

With love,
Rebecca x